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Table of contents | Preamble


Welcome to The London Survival Guide for EFREI Students

Table of contents

  1. Before you leave
    1. What you'll have to know about London
      • Geography
      • Weather
      • Time
    2. Formalities
      • Forwarding your e-mail
    3. Other things to think about
    4. Going there
      • By Eurostar
      • By plane
      • Other ways
  2. Working in London
    1. The Job Quest
      • Internet
      • Temporary work companies
      • Jobcentres
      • The phonebook
      • Door to door seeking
      • Call a friend
    2. Salaries
      • English aren't lazy !
    3. Tax System
    4. General advice
    5. My personal experience
  3. Learning in London
    1. The University College of London
    2. Lessons at UCL
      • Validation
    3. Other activities
      • Cluster rooms
      • Eating at UCL
      • Students Union
  4. Living in London
    1. Accommodation
      • BDE's choice : London Solutions
      • Youth hostels
      • Flat sharing
      • My personal experience
    2. Finding the good flat
      • When ?
      • Location
      • Price and Payment
      • Points to be controlled
    3. Opening a bank account
      • General advice
      • What to do if you don't have a bank account
    4. Money matters
      • Prices in London
      • Paying with a French credit card
    5. British health system
    6. Communication
      • Internet
      • Mobile phone
      • Calling France
  5. Enjoying London
    1. Transports
      • The Tube
      • Bus network
      • Taxis
      • Car
    2. Eating
      • Where you can buy
      • Markets
      • What you can buy
      • What you can't buy
      • What you shouldn't buy
    3. Sightseeing and shopping
      • The top ten
      • Shops which worth it
    4. Pubs and clubs
    5. Other things
  6. Appendix
    1. Conclusion
    2. Thanks
    3. Resources
    4. Links
    5. Bibliography
    6. Credits, contact and copyrights


This guide has been updated for the last time the 16th of April 2005.



Note for native English speakers : Sorry for the spelling/syntax mistakes, I tried to do my best, but English is not my mother language. Anyway, if you wish to correct me, you're welcome ;)

In a few time, you'll leave your beloved (or not) country to spend three or four months in London.

London is a huge city, about three or four times Paris' size. This is the world's capital of bad taste, bad weather and bad food, but I must admit that this is a fantastic city. London looks like American cities rather than European cities. England's capital is also very cosmopolitan : there are people from all over the world, who live and mix up altogether.

You will discover a life sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always different. Well preparing this trip is very important. It will allow you to enjoy this adventure even more. That's why I hope this guide will help you to enjoy your trip as much as possible.

This guide has been especially written for EFREI students, who have to go a trimester in London during their third year of study, but the majority of this text can be useful for all the people who want to go to London.


Have a good tour on this website !


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